Caucus Leadership

  1. Lindsay Pendleton
    Community College Caucus Chair Lindsay Pendleton is in his final year at Guilford Technical Community College (GTCC), where he is earning a transfer degree to pursue a degree in Political Science. He has previously served as Chair of the Greensboro College Commission, where he spearheaded a resolution aimed at promoting student involvement in the county’s food insecurity dilemma. He has served as President of the Political Science Club at GTCC, as well as President of the GTCC Model United Nations Club, for several terms, and will graduate with his Associate of Arts in 2018.
  2. DeNeiro Sanders
    Legislative Caucus Chair DeNeiro Sanders, 18 from Flint, Michigan and is a Political Science major at Queens University of Charlotte. He began his work in politics on the city level with his long life mentor Representative Sheldon Neeley who just a city councilman when DeNeiro started. He moved to North Carolina in 2014 and began to work on campaigns in the Charlotte areas, becoming a intern for City Councilwomen Julie Eiselt and working for Timothy Rorie the Southern Piedmont Union President. DeNeiro now serves as the College Democratic President of Queens University and as the Legislative Chair of the College Democratic Party. DeNeiro plans to graduate from Queens in the spring 0f 2018 and pursue his long life’s goal as a Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon. Eventually DeNeiro will decide to run for public office when the time calls him to. If you would like to engage with the Democratic members in our advocacy and campaigns, or have an inquiry about our work contact DeNeiro directly.
  3. Thurston Alexander
    Black Caucus Chair Thurston E. Alexander is junior at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte majoring in Economics, and double minoring in Legal studies and Political science. He serves as the Internship/Involvement chair for UNC Charlotte College Democrats chapter, while also serving as the Co-Vice President of the Voices of Eden gospel choir. Through the years, he has volunteered for numerous campaigns in the state of North Carolina. In the fall of 2016, Thurston lead a campus voting initiative through the North Carolina coordinated campaign on UNC Charlotte's campus, registering over 1,000 voters. His faith and determination to rekindle relationships in the African-American community, will guide him as the Black Caucus Chair for College Democrats of North Carolina.
  4. Tia Canada
    Minority Caucus Chair Tia Canada is a sophomore majoring in Political Science with an American Government concentration and double minoring in Music and Women and Gender Studies at North Carolina State University. She is also involved in her chapter of College Democrats at North Carolina State University. Tia believe that minority groups are a vital aspect of our American Democracy and that their voices deserve to be heard within all levels of government. She became involved in politics during her senior year of high school, where she was a campaign intern for her local county commissioner race and has volunteered with various campaigns throughout North Carolina.
  5. Melissa Cordell
    LGBT Caucus Chair Melissa Cordell is a junior majoring in political science and peace, war and defense and minoring in women's studies at UNC-Chapel Hill. She is excited about serving as the LGBT+ Caucus Chair and helping give a voice to the community. Melissa currently is a campaign manager for Wake County District Judge Sam Hamadani and works hard to turn NC blue and has previously worked on the NC Coordinated Campaign.
  6. Sarah Mitchell
    Women's Caucus Chair Originally from New York, Sarah is a junior Political Science major at HPU, & is excited to serve as CDNC's Women's Caucus Chair, & continue serving HPU College Democrats chapter as Student Government Representative. Volunteering in North Carolina during the 2016 primaries and moving on to organize for the Florida Democratic Party & Ralph Northam for Governor, Sarah is thrilled to serve CDNC.

  1. Kristoffer Rixon
    Deputy Political Director
  2. Education Caucus Chair
  3. Lauren A. Fitch
    Environmental Caucus Chair
  4. Chris Hardee
    Rural Caucus Chair Chris Hardee is an East Carolina University alumni and Graduate Student pursuing his Master of Public Administration. A native of coastal North Carolina, he was recently appointed to serve as the Rural Caucus Chair for CDNC. A veteran of College and Young Dems, he is a past CDNC Vice President, YDNC Secretary and YDA National Director among many other roles. Additionally, Chris was recently elected for the ninth time as the Chair of the 3rd Congressional District for NCDP.